Dr. PK Datta (Pankaj) – Medicine Specialist in Narayanganj

Dr. PK Datta (Pankaj) – Medicine Specialist in Narayanganj
Dr. PK Datta (Pankaj)

Dr. PK Datta (Pankaj)

  • MBBS (DMC), BCS (Health), FCPS (Medicine)
  • Medicine Specialist
  • Dhaka Medical College & Hospital

Dr. PK Datta (Pankaj) Chamber Details

Popular Diagnostic Center Narayanganj
Address: 231/4, Bangabandhu Road, Chashara, Narayanganj – 1400
Visiting Hour: 4pm to 8pm (Sun & Tue) & 10.30am to 8pm (Fri)
Appointment: +8809666787804
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Biography of Dr. PK Datta (Pankaj)

Dr. PK Datta (Pankaj) is a Medicine Specialist in Narayanganj. His qualification is MBBS (DMC), BCS (Health), and FCPS (Medicine). He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at Dhaka Medical College & Hospital. He regularly provides treatment to his patients at Popular Diagnostic Center, Narayanganj. The practicing hour of Dr. PK Datta (Pankaj) at Popular Diagnostic Center, Narayanganj is 4 pm to 8 pm (Sun & Tue) & 10.30 am to 8 pm (Fri).

Treatment issue solve:

  • Jaundice,
  • Skin Rash,
  • Vaccination,
  • Childhood Infections,
  • Fever, Detoxification,
  • Infant & Child nutrition,
  • Malaria, Diabetic Ulcer,
  • Immunity Therapy,
  • Lower/Upper Respiratory Tract Infection,
  • Acute Diarrhea, Abdominal Pain,
  • Thyroid Disease in Children,
  • Chickenpox

Who is Medicine Specialist Doctor?

Specialty doctors have training in a specific area of medicine. This allows them to treat complex health problems that primary care doctors may not be able to. They also have the skills and knowledge to prescribe the right medication for their patients, which can make a huge difference in their health.

There are many different types of specialty doctors, including cardiologists, gastroenterologists, oncologists, and neurologists. Each specializes in treating certain diseases or conditions, and they have all received extensive training in order to do so effectively. This is why it’s important to see a doctor who is specifically trained in your area of health if you’re having difficulty managing your symptoms.

Other Medicine Specialists in Narayanganj

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  • Dr. Minhaz Uddin Ahmed

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